The Phenomenon

I gave alot of thought to the world I was creating in Emergence collective. Emergence itself, the phenomenon played an integral part to my thought process. I am fascinated by the concept. Organization out of chaos and random. That is a watered-down version of it, and really doesn’t even come close to its own complexity. In my story emergence is the catylist for a universal form of transcendence the mechanism that drives evolution of a sort. A law of nature that we humans are just now beginning to piece together.

Now, as I am putting together the storyline for the second book, I am working on delving into that more in detail and getting really far out in some really cool thoughts on higher dimensions a its inhabitants. Trust me bro, shits getting weird. By the way if you use Kindle unlimited, Emergence collective is free, so there isn’t an reason not to check it out 😉


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