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Character snapshot: Frank

Frank is a fan favorite, Mine too. I tend to use people I know as a template (not biograghically) for some characters. Frank is modeled after a real person….

Still lost in his thoughts and even a little excited, he must have been driving faster than he realized since he got to the hardware store in quick time. It was good, though; the evening was going by fast, and the store was about to close up for the night. He got out of his Volkswagen van and pushed open the old door of the storefront. He only got a few steps into the store when the cashier gave him an odd look. The young kid had spiky black hair and a ring in his nose. 

“Mister… you can’t come in here like that, sorry.” The young kid sounded apologetic and amused at the same time. 

“Like what?” Frank was oblivious to any reason why he should not be there. 

“Your feet, bro. You have to have shoes to come in; it’s a safety thing. Might step on a nail and sue us or something.” A smile indicating laughter was soon to follow was on the boy’s face by now. 

Frank looked down at his feet and realized that he wasn’t wearing shoes. The thick calluses on his perpetually dirty feet did not feel shoes in the summer most of the time. He was an old hippy and stuck in a time warp. Shoes were for winter when it was too cold to go without. He chuckled at himself and smiled back at the cashier.

“Sorry,” Frank said with a bit of a giggle. He was not embarrassed by his attire. Look at that kid; why should I be embarrassed by the way I dress? he thought to himself, almost laughing out loud. Nonchalantly turning around, he gave the cashier a nod goodbye and headed for the exit. He only felt a little disgruntled by the situation since it was a wasted trip. He did not have anything much to do anyway, but wasted gasoline was wasted money. 


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