Why did you name it that?

My wife asked me why I named this blog “Hand-prints of Darkness”. Because “Prints of Darkness” was taken… Of course. I took the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone so to speak. first, I was told I should start a blog to help promote my writings, and second, a character for the next book writes a blog. Spoiler alert, I thought it would be a fun little easter egg to actually have a blog that was referenced in the book. So here we are… This is pretty fun too, I hope you like it!

            Part of the Draft from the Next book in the series…..

    Serenity Gates, Yes, that’s her real name. It encompasses everything she hates about living in this new, new age. Her Parents of course enjoyed the revolution of the spiritual awakening in the world.  It could explain a lot about her though. The typical rebellion against everything your parents are or care about to be your own person. At least I didn’t become a Satanist She thought.  Slasher movies and death metal, goth style. They could have got worse. Serenity pounded out a few more lines on her keyboard adding the last finishing touches to her blog “Hand-prints of Darkness”. A pretty successful blog about nineteen eighty’s and ninety’s horror movies… only the classics. Well not only, there are few current movies that are worthy of special attention to her blog, she’s not a purist.  


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