Emergence Collective

Sometimes uncharted waters are the best place to go.

I’ve heard that to be a good writer, write what you know. That is solid advice; you are an expert about “what you know” than writing about something you have no experience in. I may have broken that rule or bent it, or maybe just dated its cousin. Writing Emergence collective began organically enough; I was writing a science fiction novel primarily about a hole in the ground that never filled up. But as the story grew (started writing itself, really), things went in unexpected directions.

I discovered I was exploring some deep spiritual and metaphysical ideas. I, however, am, for one thing, a Skeptical scientist. I am a literal rocket scientist. I am very non-theistic as opposed to Atheism, which is very anti-religion. So when my story evolved into one that went in a spiritual direction, I just went along for the ride. I listened and questioned people about opinions and ideas in this subject and drank the proverbial cool-aid for the story’s sake. I am not trying to be vague on purpose, just trying not to spoil the story if anyone wants to read it. I keep finding myself trying not to tell people. Hey! Read my book, but I don’t believe any of it.  In the end, I tried to do justice to those who are spiritual, while adding my own science fiction spin to it. I think I did a good job. Let me know how I did!

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