What is it all about? (Spoiler alert!)

Emergence Collective… What does it mean to me? If you like spoilers keep reading!

As a new writer I found (am still finding) it difficult to convince anyone to read my stuff and find an Audience. Friends and family mean well, but I think that my investment in the story and their interest didn’t align. As I wrote Emergence collective I did not get any real feedback or even a proofread. To be honest, my editor was the first person to actually read the damn thing. She did a fantastic job thank you PaulineNolet.com. Her feedback was reassuring that I didn’t spend all that time writing it, wasted. the idea for the story was kinda big and I thought deeply about the world I was creating. A lot of these concepts did not really make it into the story but there are connections I can make in conversation that would completely make sense and you would definitely find connections to the story.

What would happen if you could dream up just about anything and it could be real? what would you do with that power? I wondered that if there are lots of people that had this ability how would the world change? My first thought was that people would make their surroundings “customized”. One person might make a fairyland castle environment and another would pattern theirs with say Starwars. But how far does your own realm extend to? How strong is your willpower? your willpower and intention govern the sphere of influence you have in reality itself. How about what happens when another ascended person enters your realm? Does there will power change your realm? since they are in your sphere of influence? What about mutual agreements on world views? do they see a StarWars environment and you see the fairyland? could there be a merger of the two? How does this relate to collective consciousness? The reality as a whole is an agreement of expectations that we all have. Gravity works because there are enough consciousnesses agreeing on that, it becomes part of the collective worldview, How does being ascended influence that?

I made sets of rules about this idea and used it as a roadmap for the story progression as far as the shared environment of the characters. Tomorrow I will get into more about how I see transcended consciousness and how that shaped the progression of the characters.


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