Emergence Collective

Epiphany lost.

Lost in the ether, a thin wisp of a narrative evaporated out of existence. The ghost of thought is now just an apparition fading away beyond my mental grasp. I had it; I had everything straight in my head. I knew where I was going and how I would get there.

The problem was that I was looking for a pen to jot down some notes about what I was thinking, and mid-thought, I was asked a question that was (I think it was cat-related)  so irrelevant that in the process of task switching, my brain just purged everything all at once. Then I got distracted mid-musings and just can’t quite remember THE ONE KEY element that tied the entire narrative together, and now, I feel it is on the tip of my tongue, a word I’m trying to remember (I think its called aphasia). That just means I am close to it.

I am behind on my word count goals, but I’m not concerned. I’ll be typing like a whirling dervish once I get things straight in my head. This novel is going much smoother than the first. Now, if I can keep my attention deficit disorder in check. Today I’m feeling confident and excited about the story. And that itself makes me happy. Because if I’m not enthusiastic about my own story, how will the reader feel?

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