Back burners

Don’t forget to check on those things you put on the back burner every now and then. I have enough plans on the back burner, It looks like Hells kitchen. My process (do I have a process?)  is that I am thinking of different projects and story ideas all the time. Sometimes I jot down an idea about one story then immediately start thinking of another, building plots and motivations. I’ve been doing this for a long time; if I was disciplined, I would have several books by now. Only recently have I actually started making it a priority (This blog is helping with that too.) 

There is an indie author I really enjoy Phil Rossi, he wrote a bunch of short stories based on the world he created. Like long-form vignettes. I like that idea for two reasons; one is that it keeps you writing and adds content, and two, it expands the world-building and gives possible new material that you can use in your main storyline. Callbacks and references can be Easter eggs that are nice little treats for fans that are in the know. I think it’s a brilliant idea.

In addition to writing vignettes to add density to my world-building, I have several stories brewing in my head; I am not sure if they will become novels or not. A couple of them I am particularly excited to start fleshing out. After I finished “Emergence Collective,” I planned to do just that, but I got distracted with the second book and started writing it. Pushed back onto the back burner, but not forgotten.

“Emergence Collective” went in a direction that I wasn’t really aiming for, and I actually surprised myself that it did go that way. My next stories are less scifi fantasy spiritualism and more horror. Which is honestly one of my favorite genres. Hardcore science fiction and horror are my “go to’s.”  Hopefully, I can do the genre justice. (Stay tuned for that!)

A blogger SMVLTUDEAU “Bloggin about Yaudi,” gave me an idea I am considering about workshopping stories on the blog.  I think it can build interest in the stories and you could crowd source feedback. I will have to give it some though about if it will help or hinder the story progression.


One thought on “Back burners

  1. Thought provoking. As someone who’s put off writing but have similar motivations, you inspire me to think about acting on it. *I’m remembering that little story I wrote dor speech class.*
    I enjoyed your stories. Especially the “Emergence Collective”. I cant wait for the sequel!

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