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Do you (I) know what you are doing?

It is not writer’s block. I tell myself as I stare at a blank page. The problem is there are too many choices. Maybe you can relate to this. As a kid (or adult, I don’t judge), You are standing in a candy store, anything you want there is yours if you want, but you can only have a few choices. How long do you waver between the creamy, decadent chocolates or the chewy gumdrops? Just when you have decided and reached (for the chocolate, I already knew what I wanted), the Swedish fish catches your eye…. That is how I feel sometimes; too many choices leave an empty page but in my mind, it’s full, and working on the next. I have mentioned before that my writing style is kinda convoluted. I think of the entire story, front to back. My roadmap. But there are a lot of side roads and interesting things to see along the way; I might wander off the planned route a little before I get back on track. But I do have a plan. Now I fill in all the little details. But those details have to have meaning that progresses the storyline and fits together like a puzzle. I take all these pieces, maybe workout a scene here, think about an interaction that might not show up for a few chapters, set that down, and work on another scene that won’t show up until the grand finale. So blank pages are not blank. In my mind  

 This method is working for me. But really, I have no idea what I am doing. There must be an easier way. I have been wondering how other writers do their thang. What is the process? Am I the only one that writes this way? Maybe I should start interviewing other authors, pick their brains, and see what works for them. What do you think? Let me know in the comments section below.

As far as my blank page goes, I have been reflecting on my story, and I think I have smoothed out some rough surfaces that made good connections in the narrative. Blank page I will crush you.


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