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Sunday word goal accomplished! Now to play!

Not that writing isn’t fun and all. To me, it is a lot like golf. Nice to get out, but most of the game is a series of frustrations, but occasionally you can get the ball where you wanted it to go. At least I am a better writer than golfer. (If you don’t think I am very good, you should see me golf)

My word count is finished for the day, now to ruminate on the next parts. I am getting far enough that there are some tidbits that I need to sort out to make the story flow a bit better. I am thinking of rearranging some of the chapters, but I have another important chapter to write, that I need to start tieing things together with. I know I am kind of scattered, but it seems to work for me so why fight it?

Now I get to choose what to fill the rest of my day with. I Might paint the Nuka Cola girl some more, but I’m itching to fire up the laser and work on the backlit photograph project.


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