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Do we really know ourselves?

I think I know myself pretty well. I like me. I spend all my time with me. But that’s the inside looking out. What I perceive of myself is vastly different from your perspective. We all intrinsically understand this, but I am not sure most people give this a second thought. I am not talking about being self-conscious about behavior or choice of style, but the person we see ourselves as. Most of the time, I live in my own little world, my own sphere of influence where I create my own reality, and the collective reality is subject to speculation. So how do others see me as me? How do you think others perceive you?

This notion occurred to me as I listened to T.A. Walker’s podcast, where she is currently reading and discussing my book “Emergence Collective.”  As she describes her perspective of the characters, I noticed that she is picking up on personality traits differently than how I imagined them. Not inaccurate, though. She is describing the characters in the way I intended, but her perspective has subtle differences that, to be perfectly honest, seem to make my characters richer and more fleshed out. How I saw the characters in my mind and did my best to describe them, as with myself, I could not possibly know how someone else would perceive them. Which is pretty cool.


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