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Back at it!

Just finished my saturday word count, and I am annoyed that I cant keep writing. All my “writing” time has been used up and now I have to re-enter reality and do stupid things like chores and feeding myself. I am satisfied with my writing today. I got back into that flow state, where the words and ideas are streaming out of me. I hate to stop that. Its exciting to feel this way, the exact opposite of writers block.

At least I can look forward to tomorrow morning, I will have a little more time to write, then prepare for a work trip. I am excited for that since I will be isolated (after my work duties) and will be able to really lay into this story.

Im not gonna spoil it for you, but there is some shit going on in the sequal that will blow your mind. I saying to myself… “holy crap did that just happen?” Yes I am also an audience to myself. I enjoy the stories as much as the reader!


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