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Choose your own adventure!

Yes, I was a book nerd growing up. One of the most influential books/series was the “Choose your own adventure!” books (Until I discovered H.P. Lovecraft in the 3rd grade). If you are not familiar, each book has multiple story paths and ends depending on how you make choices at key parts of the story. When the characters reach a point where a decision is made, you get a few to choose from, and your choice directs you to a new page that continues that storyline. It’s a great concept, and you can re-read the book for different outcomes. Very economical writing structure.

Now here I am, the master of the story choosing my own adventure to write. Its very exciting, but I am tasked with coming up with the paths and endings for myself. And that is the crux of it. Emergence Ascended has reached the point where I have to make some decisions and some of those decisions just might change the outcome of the story (of which I have already plotted in my head) There are character interactions that I have multiple situations to consider and that is proving to make things difficult to “get it right”. That being said, I have not been writing much on it (well on ‘paper’) but thinking very hard about how I want the rest of the story to progress. At least I am not one to back away from a challenge. Once I break free from this little speedbump, I am sure that the book will finish fast and be something I can be proud of. Thanks for taking the time to visit!

3 thoughts on “Choose your own adventure!

  1. I’ve grown to love this part of the story-telling process. Hurdling that speed bump is so gratifying that it’s hard to explain the sensation to another person. We writers have such a unique gift that I wish more understood. Nevertheless, I know EXACTLY where you are in the process. You’ll get there, just don’t stop.

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    1. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. It is hard thing to explain. You reminded me of the saying “If you are going through Hell, don’t stop! (you’ll get to the other side eventually)”


      1. 😆 You’re very welcome! I ❤️ the hell saying. I agree completely with that sentiment because sometimes the inky answer readily available is to just keep it pushing. Thank you for chiming in, Joseph.

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