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Audible Update: Moving along

Do you remember the Twilight Zone episode “Time enough at last”? Where the bookworm survives the end of the world and can finally read as much as he wants with no interruptions? Yeah I feel for him. but my case is for writing. If you can know me I am consistently inconsistent with my personal projects. So I missed a week or so blogging, (And writing in general). I did managed to get chapter 13 recorded, but not the re-record of 14 (because of the weird interference sound in the recording), I published it anyway. I got 15 through 17 finished yesterday so there is progress.

I have been thinking about Spotify and the role it is taking in my blog and writing. So far, I have not been very vocal, aside from the narrating and a quick intro. I have been wondering if I should lean farther into it more as a podcast and less of a platform to read my book.

I have also been speaking with a music artist that I like about using her music in the podcast (intro and outro music). I have received permission. Now I just have to learn how to do it. Of course everything I want to do falls into the category of ” Now I have to learn that thing.” Of course a will let you know the progress of that new project.

“Emergence Ascended” my WIP is going slow, I admit that I am stalling just a bit, I am still trying to decide the direction of a couple very important characters and of course that changes the end of the story a bit. I am a discovery writer,make this shit up as I go so even I do not really know how it is going to end. I have and idea where I want it to go, but as the story takes a life of its own it could go very different that what I had planned. Thats is fun for me too, as I am also and eager audience waiting to find out what happens next. (makes for good introversion, as I am constantly entertained by myself). Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog! If you like it, feel free to comment or like it!

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