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Joe Hallett

I am an author, artist, and a brewer Living in Everett, Washington USA.

I have always been a creative person. Creating is a part of my being, whether it is writing a story or drawing a picture; it is part of my core. I recently published my first novel “Emergence Collective” On Amazon Kindle and paperback, and in the process of writing the sequel.

I can be reached at the usual social media places, and check out my etsy site for some of my artwork. Thank you for stopping by!

I have a rant; please, just hear me out.

I have strong feelings about things that most people would ignore or do not care about. More than likely, most of the world wouldn’t even think about it. I have been thinking about this from a character’s point of view (that will be one of the main characters in a future story). It didn’t start…

Audible Update: Articulate and enunciated

These are two of the things I could not do. As you can tell, I did not record the next thrilling chapter of Emergence Collective this weekend. What I had thought were allergies had ultimately become a full-blown head cold. (I still can not hear from my right ear, it’s still congested.) I rarely get…

Go with the flow…

Another quick Saturday note(In the US, a quick nod to my “down under” audience}note. (I have noticed that when I post on weekends that there is less traffic overall, but eventually, someone will read it, right?) After having a bit of mild to moderate writer’s block, I managed to get back on track, and I…

One thought on “About me

  1. I consider myself to have a large vocabulary. I chuckle to myself as I searched out a couple words. As, I did run across a few I’d never seen before.

    I enjoy learning so found it fun.


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