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Character snapshot,Visual edition: Barney Derrick

I really enjoyed writing Barney’s Character. I wanted to make a character that you love to hate. I am sure everyone has met a person like Barney.

The sound of Barney’s boots echoed down the quiet hall with a hypnotic cadence. The overhead fluorescent lights seemed to flicker in time with his footfalls. He arrived at the lab and pushed through the door, causing it to bounce off the wall.   Drab faces looked up from computer screens at the abrupt entrance. A soldier rushed over with a handful of disheveled paperwork, trying to organize it into a manila folder before handing it off to his superior. Barney grabbed the folder out of his and studied the file briefly.  The soldier watched as he scrutinized the file, flipping pages, eyes scanning. Barney’s nose crinkled against his mustache, causing the soldier to wince.  He held the folder out for the soldier to take it, allowing the pages to slip out with a whoosh onto the floor.   

“What is this? Is this how I am going to get all of your reports? Is this how you show your respect to your country, to me?”   

“Sir! No Sir!”  

“This report is not even in order! Do you expect me to finish your work for you?”  

“I understand, Sir, no Sir, I apologize, Sir.”   

“Well–What are you waiting for?”  

“Umm …yes, sir,” the soldier said as he scrambled to collect all of the paperwork and organize it all at once.  

“Umm, yes, Sir? That’s how you address a superior officer? An umm? You Sure this is the right career for you, boy? How did you manage to crawl your sorry ass out of basic training?”  he scolded, then turned away so that he could smile without being seen. Ah that felt good, better than coffee, and I’ll never get a bad report from that kid again. He took a few steps before turning around to see the soldier standing at attention, holding the folder in his shaky hands.   

“Sir, your report is ready for your review Sir.” The Airman forced his words out.  

Barney snatched it out of the soldier’s hands. Again, the soldier watched his eyes and fingers do their work.  “That’s better, Airman. You’re dismissed.” The young Airman made his way to his desk and sat down, all the while avoiding eye contact.   

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Happy Halloween

Of Necromancy and love

With iniquity and open grimoire,
summoned from hell, to enslave aberration.
Barter my soul, a dark deed I call for!
Spit from my lips, this ill incantation

Sharpened by sin, my blade let go a flood
upon the alter, gift to the devil,
sacrificial offering of hot blood.
Cadaver imbibe life, I will revel!

Hardened of heart and core it will require
The wickedness of work or my intent
And grim occupation of desire
Unfettered of remorse or to lament

Razor edge of lust and red, sigil signed completes my art
Arise from the dead, lady of my heart

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Eat that Frog

One of my favorite Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens for those who know) quotes. “Eat a Live Frog Every Morning, and Nothing Worse Will Happen to You the Rest of the Day.” I am only mentioning this because its Monday. Monday is my frog, so after this, it’s all downhill. I had a relaxing weekend. Got some writing done, and I am getting excited about the story (Emergence Ascended) I spent some time working with my laser. Doing some fun side projects and managed to make 3 pendulum boards (Scrying boards). I upgraded my laser and I am very happy with it. My projects burn faster and I can do more with it. My next project it to burn some more Ouija boards, which usually sell (Etsy) out during the Halloween season so I am getting ahead of that, making sure I have the inventory to support demand.

I have another exciting bit of news, hopefully I will get the expected email today, and once that happens I will post all about it! Thank you for taking the time to visit! Don’t be shy, say hi in the comments!

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This might surprise you

There are some surprises in Emergence Collective that I have been careful not to mention in my blog. Although I have been tempted to spill those beans. When I was writing it (the secret surprise) I was constantly thinking “Is this way out there? Are the readers going to enjoy this?” When I asked the editor what she thought of the book (as she was the first person to actually read it), she mentioned it right off, and that was something that she really enjoyed. So all my waffling over it was at least for one person, enjoyable.

It’s more than you think it is….
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Busy Wednesday

Here is a repost of T.A.Walker‘s AKA “the Bookie”, review of “Emergence Collective.” Seriously give it a listen.

Part 1 (click here to listen)

A fellow blogger T.A. Walker picked up “Emergence collective” and is currently reading it. She will present her synopsis and commentary about it on her audio blog (?) Podcast(?) I highly suggest you check out her blog and see what else she has been reading

Part 2 (click here to listen)

A fellow blogger T.A. Walker picked up “Emergence collective” and is currently reading it. She will present her synopsis and commentary about it on her audio blog (?) Podcast(?) I highly suggest you check out her blog and see what else she has been reading

Finale! (click here to listen)

A fellow blogger T.A. Walker picked up “Emergence collective” and is currently reading it. She will present her synopsis and commentary about it on her audio blog (?) Podcast(?) I highly suggest you check out her blog and see what else she has been reading

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Emergence Collective…read between the lines (Spoiler alert!)

Emergence Collective… What does it mean to me? If you have read it or you like spoilers keep reading!

As a new writer I found (am still finding) it difficult to convince anyone
to read my stuff and find an Audience. Friends and family mean well, but I
think that my investment in the story and their interest didn’t align. As I
wrote Emergence collective I did not get any real feedback or even
proofreading. To be honest, my editor was the first person to actually read the
damn thing. She did a fantastic job thank you Her feedback was
reassuring that I didn’t spend all that time writing it, wasted. the idea for
the story was kinda big and I thought deeply about the world I was creating. A
lot of these concepts did not really make it into the story but there are
connections I can make in conversation that would completely make sense and you
would definitely find connections to the story.

What would happen if you could dream up just about anything and it could be
real? what would you do with that power? I wondered that if there are lots of
people that had this ability how would the world change? My first thought was
that people would make their surroundings “customized”. One person
might make a fairyland castle environment and another would pattern theirs with
say Starwars. But how far does your own realm extend to? How strong is your
willpower? your willpower and intention govern the sphere of influence you have
in reality itself. How about what happens when another ascended person enters your
realm? Does there will power change your realm? since they are in your sphere
of influence? What about mutual agreements on world views? do they see a
StarWars environment and you see the fairyland? could there be a merger of the
two? How does this relate to collective consciousness? The reality as a whole
is an agreement of expectations that we all have. Gravity works because there
are enough consciousnesses agreeing on that, it becomes part of the collective
worldview, How does being ascended influence that?

I made sets of rules about this idea and used it as a roadmap for the story
progression as far as the shared environment of the characters.

I use transcended and ascended interchangeably, even though they are not
precisely synonymous. I think it still fits. I still think a lot about the
nature of consciousness. What is it? Where does it come from? One of my
favorite theories is that the human body is like a marionette where our
consciousness pulls the strings outside the body. You cut the strings,
 and the body dies or is in stasis like a coma.

 But where is the puppeteer? In a higher realm, a higher resonant
frequency outside of conscious reality. And our brains act like a filter
preventing us from experiencing that higher realm. It is only when we alter our
state of mind that the filter is removed, and we can experience the true
reality as its resonant frequencies are revealed. Whether it is through strict
meditation or mind-altering chemicals like Ayahuasca, a potent hallucinogen
that contains a chemical called DMT or dimethyltryptamine. Whatever the
catalyst is that allows us to escape the prison of our brain doesn’t matter
once free, and one is perceiving a higher reality, the awareness of the nature
of the universe expands. We start to fully understand our place in it. Learn
that we have abilities that were previously only imagination. Learn to connect
with others on a deeper spiritual level, communicate and express ideas. Travel
throughout the realm and defy the physics of the reality our bodies are trapped

I know this sounds like the ravings of a metaphysical stoner. I think I
communicated the essence of these ideas in the story well enough. But wait!
There’s more; however, I will not bore you any longer. I do explore these
concepts much more deeply in the next book. I think that once you get your feet
wet in the first book, the second will be more satisfying as you explore your
own thoughts on the potential of what could be done if all of this was real. I
would love to hear your thoughts on this!