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Setting the mood

Well, it’s Monday again. Nuff said about that, amright? I had a productive weekend, got some excellent writing on the sequel, and am really happy with how things are going. (Again, if I am not excited about it, it’s probably not an exciting read, right?) I got to scratch several creative itches this weekend.

                So, the environment is important to me when I am writing, and music is part of it. I like to listen to music that gives me the “feel” of the scenes or characters I am writing about. “Emergence collective” had a lot of “Lacuna coil” and “Death” playing in the background. It may not give you, the reader, the same feels as I get from my music (that I am guessing is pretty obscure to the mainstream)

I hope that the feelings this music evokes when I write translate to the character or scene I am composing and give a similar sense to the reader.