Someone told me I should write a blog.

So I learned that there is a difference between the best author and best selling author. Not the biggest epiphany I’ve ever had but probably the most relevant at this time. I have always enjoyed writing and like about a billion other people I strived to write my first novel “Emergence Collective”. Everyone probably has a friend that is “working on my novel” ad nauseam… and is always eager to tell you all about it. And that goes on for years, still working on the novel. Well, I actually finished it. Faster than I thought too. Started pretty good then got derailed with adulting, changing diapers, working overtime then eventually the novel got pushed way way back to the back burner almost never to be seen again. I had thought about it off and on, the storyline, characters, the deeper meaning of the story etc… then one day, I decided to pick it up and see if I could finish.

So here I am, bucket list item checked off. But now what? Artists need an audience. Luckily Amazon has millions of people.  But also millions of books, so I am lost in the mire of everyone else’s book. How to stand out from the crowd? (honestly please tell me, someone…) Money, that’s one way, I guess that’s an advantage to having a publishing company publish your book, they have money to promote it. You sell some books, and start making a bit of a profit. I don’t have that.

I was told to write a blog, and maybe that will generate interest if someone reads the blog and as that gains followers, so do my book sales. Here goes nothing! I’m writing a Blog.

I hope to keep it up. Fresh content is the way these things survive, so I’m going to give it the old college try.

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09K4QGNKM Buy my book! And if you bought it after reading this blog post, message me and I will send a signed paperback copy!


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