Hindsight is 2020

Or is it 0202 (because you are looking backward?) I want to thank you all, I have been getting some great advice from you. Things I wish I would have known before I started this whole “being a writer” thing. For example.. starting a blog or a web page. One thing I am grateful about is that nothing is too late, and even if I am doing the self-promoting in an ass-backward way, eventually it will work itself out. after all a few billion people on the internet, and lots of time, I will eventually get noticed right?

I started with an idea that I had to get out of my head. I really didn’t have a clue what I was getting myself into. Like even “How” to write. Really the basics like dialog tags and paragraph structure to using word for windows. (I attended highschool a few times but I don’t remember it LOL) The project just keeps growing, from getting my idea on paper to finding an editor and getting it published for public consumption. Every day I am learning more and more, figuring out my tools and polishing my skills. Thanks to all of you, for helping me grow as a writer.

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