Is that all you got?

I am sure I am not the only author that has these thoughts in their head. Was the last novel or story the best I can do? I have received good reviews on my stories so far, some from complete strangers. As I work on the next project, I feel the anxiety that the next one will fall flat in comparison. I am purposefully pushing these notions aside. I try to be self-aware and not fall prey to those automatic negative thoughts that get in the way of creativity.

Let us be rational.

I tend to be overly optimistic in life. I avoid negativity and try to recognize if I am being negative and self-defeating.  Was the last thing I wrote my best or just the last thing I wrote? Well, I am just going to believe that I haven’t seen my best yet, and the last thing I wrote, taught me a little bit more about how I can improve. I think it’s good stuff, so why can’t I keep doing that? I think I got more good stuff in me. Its better to burn out than fade away. Hold my beer…


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