Emergence Collective

A strong female lead

In honor of International women’s day, I wanted to share my thoughts on “Trina.” In “Emergence Collective,” As I wrote the character “Trina,” I wanted to make sure that her character was one of strength and determination. Self-reliant, independent, and purposeful woman in stories (and in life) are something that I find very attractive ( and not in a sexual way – you perve). To be honest, weak and spineless female characters revolt me. I tried to write Trina to be a strong character, and her strength empowered other characters to emulate that strength and lean on. “Mark,” as I wrote his relationship with her, I tried to express that he recognized that in her and depended on her equally as she did with him. The axiom “Behind every good man is an even better woman” is what shaped their interactions. I hope I did her justice and that the readers also saw that in her character.

Let me know how I did!


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