My thoughts on “Alone”

Ok ok, I will eventually draw a cover for this short story, but don’t judge a book by its cover right? Alone is a short story that kinda hit me out of the blue as I was going to sleep one night. really it was an image in my head of conjoined twins holding a bloody mallet. Originally, the story was too big to be considered a short story, If I remember correctly it hovered around 13000 words. I listen to a lot of podcasts and one of them I was listening to at the time had a horror story contest. I had already wrote most of “Alone” and decided to trim it down and see how it would do. Really, Alone was my debut into the writing world. No one except a very select few had ever read anything I wrote. So I Trimmed it down and sent it in. It came in first place! That really boosted my confidence to keep on at it.

I am a horrible record keeper, so my original file of the story is lost in the ether of the dataverse. Though this version of Alone is technically complete I am considering rewriting it, to add back the stuff I trimmed out of it for the contest. The story in my head is a lot deeper than this version.


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