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Opening lines….

I am still learning the craft of writing. As I gain some experience I look back at my earlier stories and cringe. I see a little clearer now and see some mistakes that are obvious to me now. A lot of grammar mistakes forgive me, the English language is wacked. A mix of different languages and meanings of words change depending on the situation. I feel sorry for those for who it is not their first language. My biggest blunder however is the dreaded first paragraph.

I am not very happy with the first paragraphs in most of my stories. The first paragraph should if done correctly, hook you into the story right away. Hopefully, you don’t want to put the book down after that. I struggle with the opening paragraphs mostly because when I write, I have already been thinking about the story and how it ends, but where to start? I think I have nailed it in the sequel to “Emergence Collective.” Or at least I gave it my best shot. I feel pretty good about it and I am excited to hear what people say when they read it.


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